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Why Tito Ortiz Will NOT Fight For Affliction

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At first I wasn't even going to address the whole Tito Ortiz attending an Affliction press conference. But now that it's come about that Ortiz is supposedly signing with Affliction? I just had to comment on it.

Sources...indicated that Ortiz revealed that he has agreed to sign with Affliction Entertainment.

Everyone pretty much knows that Affliction is on it's death bed so to speak, so I can't even fathom these two getting together. Let's take a look at the some variables as to why Ortiz will NOT fight for Affliction:

  1. Ortiz is coming off of a surgery in which he has his spine FUSED. He'll tell you that he'll be ready to fight by July, but let's be realistic here. Ortiz is no spring chicken, if Nate Quarry was out of commission for almost 2 years? There's no way that Ortiz will be fighting again in July by his estimates. Why would a company sign a fighter, when they have no idea if he'll be able to fight again or any idea of what his skill level will like so soon after back surgery?

  2. Affliction is in the hole big time in terms of debt. They are going to lose money on this second show also if it happens. Will they even be around for a third?

  3. So Affliction is going to allow Ortiz to all of a sudden promote his Punishment brand of clothing?

  4. Here Atencio admitted that Ortiz wasn't worth the money he was asking for a few months back. So now Ortiz is going to take a cut in pay to sign with a company on it's death bed? Doubtful.

  5. Affliction would want Ortiz because of his value as a PPV draw. However, that draw isn't what it used to be if you look at his last 3 fights in the UFC. Also, Affliction's idea of promoting a show is to hold random press conferences out of the blue. They have no promotional machine whatsoever to promote their events, so without the UFC brand behind him what is Ortiz's real worth in terms of PPV?

I mean I could be wrong and he could sign and fight for Affliction, but I think the deck is too stacked against them even getting to the point where Ortiz will be healed and able to fight.