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What Was Fabricio Werdum Talking About?

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Ha! Remember when Fabricio Werdum said that Affliction was planning on having more than 16 shows in 2009? I was making jokes about Werdum not knowing anything about anything? Well, turns out I was right as Affliction only plans to hold 4 events in 2009 according to Tom Atencio. It will be a miracle if Affliction holds that many events in 2009 in my opinion. I'm not rooting against Affliction or anything, but I have to laugh at an organization that has done the things they have done with all the smack they've talked.

For some odd reason, I'm still waiting on the wheels to fall off of this January card they are scheduled to have. By the way, Werdum still hasn't signed with any organizations, including Affliction as of yet. My guess is he'll wind up fighting in Japan.