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Mike Swick Calls Out Thiago Alves

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Remember last week when I wrote that Mike Swick vs. Thiago Alves was mentioned as a potentially big fight in early 2009? Well, here's a Mike Swick post fight interview after disposing of Jonathan Goulet at the Fight For The Troops event.


So having a 2 lackluster showings, and then KOing a journeyman is all you have to do to get a shot at the #2 WW in the world? As I mentioned then, this is a fight that I would like to see eventually as it would probably be entertaining. However, it's simply not right on some many accounts at the present time in my opinion. Check it:

  1. Alves is the rightful #1 contender and deserves a title shot against the winner of GSP/Penn II

  2. Mike Swick needs to beat someone along the lines of Jon Fitch or Josh Koscheck to earn a shot at Alves. Oh wait, they are all from the same camp and won't fight one another!

  3. Alves/Swick isn't a 'big' fight in terms of PPV buys as neither guys has shown they are large draws up until this point

Swick said he's going back to Thailand to get some more training in the video. If he does wind up fighting Alves next, he better revamp his Muay Thai to the tenth power.

Props To MMA4Real Reader "Felix" for the heads up.