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Is This Call A Fighter Out Week?

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You already know about Mike Swick calling out Thiago Alves as I posted earlier. Now newly crowned TUF champion Efrain Escudero wants Roger Huerta in his next fight. He did so by mentioned Huerta's name as he appeared on The LAW radio show on Sunday Night after his upset win over Phillipe Nover at the TUF 8 Finale. He said that if he could pick someone to fight next year, it would have to be Roger Huerta.

At first I was like damn Efrain is trying to get thrown to the sharks! After re-evaluating it though, it wouldn't be such a bad fight for Escudero since Huerta is vulnerable to the take down. He isn't really much of a threat in terms of submitting you from his guard either. On the other hand, Huerta is a lot bigger than Escudero so that could be a factor. That fight would be a huge gamble for Escudero, but the payoff would be gigantic if he were to pull off the win. What are your thoughts on this?