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Mike Swick Vs. Thiago Alves In Early 09?

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According to this report:

UFC president Dana White said during a "Q&A" session on Tuesday that Alves would be facing the winner of GSP/Penn, but a fight between Swick and Alves could be a big fight for early 09'.

No, No, No, NO! How many times have I written about how this GSP/BJ Penn fight screws everything up? Oh, you can read about it here and here in case you missed it. So now we could possibly have Thiago Alves fighting Mike Swick in early 2009? Of course this is all dependant upon BJ Penn beating GSP(I don't think it'll happen, but not out of the realm of possibility by any means). The fact that Dana White is letting one fighter screw up two weight divisions like this pisses me off. Like I said, I have no problem with BJ Penn fighting GSP in a NON-title affair. However, delaying fighters like Thiago Alves and Kenny Florian of their well deserved title shots is some bush league stuff in my honest opinion. Would Swick/Alves be a fight I would want to see eventually? Without a doubt, but would Swick/Alves be a BIG fight to casual fans?