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Juanito Ibarra Gets Denied

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Fighters Only Mag with the scoop:

Wanderlei Silva says he was approached with an offer to train under Juanito Ibarra for his forthcoming fight with Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson. Appearing on Brazil Combate TV yesterday, Silva said:

"I've received a letter from someone offering training with Juanito to me, but I didn't care to accept it. The letter "contained phone numbers that I could use to get in touch with Juanito, but I threw it away," he added.
Wow how stupid can one be, or maybe desperate is the better term? Why on earth would Wanderlei want advice from Juanito when he's brutally KO'ed Rampage twice? How honorable of Wanderlei to deny Ibarra the chance to stick it to Rampage again, even though he dislikes Rampage with a passion.