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NC MMA-Southern Fight League G-Vegas Throwdown Results

The SFL G-Vegas Throwdown MMA event took place this past Sunday in Greenville, NC. I wasn't able to attend, but I heard the event was great. The fight results are as follows:

  • Steven Banks defeated Bobby Favors via Submission(strikes) in Rd. 1 To Win Super HW Title

  • Josh Leach defeated Phillip Estes via Submission(RNC) in Rd. 2

  • Dustin Pague defeated John Myers via Submission(Kimura) in Rd. 1

  • Jefferey Bricker defeated Justin Hair via Submission(armbar) in Rd. 2

  • Tomar Washington defeated Troy Sosnovik via Submission(RNC) in Rd. 1

  • Shane Stapp defeated Harry Coltrain via Submission(guillotine) in Rd. 2

  • Brad Cook defeated Keegan Jablonskis via Submission(armbar) in Rd. 1

  • Matthew Coakley defeated Nick Ambrose via Unanimous Decision

  • Joseph Corneroli defeated Mike Pich via Submission(kimura) in Rd. 1

  • Jeremy Lopez defeated Irakli Karkrashvilli via Unanimous Decision

  • Joseph Katzberg defeated Robert Bradshaw via Submission(guillotine) in Rd. 3

If you reside in the area, make sure you get out and support the sport of MMA in North Carolina, and continue to make MMA4Real your home for North Carolina MMA! We'd love to hear from you if you attended the event.