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NC MMA-Close Quarters Combat MMA Event

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Close Quarters Combat (CQC) will be holding their third North Carolina MMA event this Saturday in Charlotte, NC. The event will feature veteran fighters of the WEC, IFL, and WCL leagues. The event will also feature fighters from Team ROC, one of North Carolina's best fight camps. The event will take place at the Cricket Arena at 7:30pm EST, and your tickets can be purchased here. The fight card is as follows:

  • Chevas Gregory vs. Chris Barnhizer

  • Travis Mcelhaney-Lopatkowski vs. Bill Mets

  • George Greaves vs. Josh Wilken

  • John Mckelvie vs. Sean Baker

  • Scott Stagner vs. Shane Patterson

  • Daniel Thomas vs. Travis Ferrell

  • Demain Decorah vs. Chris Herring

  • Ricky Thompson vs. Ryan Madigan

  • Brenden Sequin vs. Rhomez Brower

  • Micah Miller vs. Jason Palacios

Official weigh in's for the event will be Friday, December 12th, 3pm-6pm at the Black Finn. If you are in the area make sure you come out and support MMA in the state of North Carolina. Also, make sure you check back with MMA4Real for the fight results later in the week if you missed the show!