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My Thoughts On UFC: Fight For The Troops Event

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Needless to say again, I'm still super pissed that I couldn't attend this event being that it took place 40 minutes from my house :( . Oh well on to the fights.

Jim Miller vs. Matt Wiman-I thought this was a very good fight to open the show, and Jim Miller really impressed me. I thought him taking the fight on short notice would affect him more, but I was dead wrong. He gave Matt Wiman the business and then some, while his striking was much better than I thought it would be. I give props to Wiman though, he took large amounts of damage and still kept coming. Give me Frankie Edgar vs. Jim Miller 2 please....

Tim Credeur vs. Nate Loughran-Yo, either Loughran has titanium in his chin or Credeur has pillows for fists. Credeur was hitting that dude with BOMBS and Loughran kept shaking them off. I'll admit that Credeur has improved since being on TUF, but I don't ever see him being a factor in his weight division. Good fight though with pretty much constant action.

Steve Cantwell vs. Razzak Al-Hassan-How come when I saw Hassan standing in the octagon during the fight introductions I could tell he had absolutely NO ground game. In fact, I called my dad and told him that very thing! I did like how he came to fight as wasn't passive, but it was clear that he wasn't ready to be in the octagon at this stage in his career. Cantwell didn't look bad, and with time could evolve into a very solid fighter. Damn that armbar was DEEP and what the hell was Joe Rogan doing saying something was broken everytime he got the chance? I'm like Joe we know it's broken, you don't have to keep saying it.

Mike Swick vs. Jonathan Goulet-I told you Swick had something to prove and was going to take him out fast.

Ben Saunders raped Brandon Wolff...that dudes face looked like some cartoon ish with that big lump on his forehead. Those knees reminded me of Rampage/Wanderlei for a split second! That was an absolute ass whipping....damn. I also thought it was classy of Saunders to put all of his fight gear up for auction, donating the money to the Intrepid Fund.

Josh Koscheck vs. Yoshiyuki Yoshida-Koscheck was cautious as I anticipated, but JESUS did that right hand come outta nowhere? The second right hand was on some Knockout Kings I never expected him to put Yoshida away like that. He definitely has a little more leverage with the UFC after this big win, not to mention him saving their asses by taking the Alves fight on short notice.

Overall, I thought the show was good and it was for a great cause. I thought the UFC(or whoever did it) did a great job of putting together those informative pieces on the soldiers that had been affected by TBI and other injuries. I thought showing Matt Hughes and Rich Franklin visiting the soldiers depicted the MMA community in a very positive light, and it'll be interesting to see how much money was raised because of this event. The fighters pleading with everyone to donate money to the cause was great. I also would like for you guys to send prayers up for Corey Hill(MMA4Real contributor Charles Walker's twin!) in hopes of a speedy recovery for him. I understand the broken leg he suffered was pretty bad. I thought the crowd was pretty good, although I did hear a tad of booing during a couple of the fights. Also, that referee in the Bruno/Reese fight was horrible. All in all I thought the North Carolina crowd did me proud! What are your thoughts on the show?

P.S. If you haven't donated any money yet and are able to do so, please do it and make me proud of my MMA4Real readers!