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Sean Sherk Wants Diego Sanchez At 155

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MMAWeekly caught up with the former champ:

"If he(Diego) wants to drop to 155, I’d like to be the first guy that fights him,"

When I first read that, I was like hell to tha nah I don't want to see that fight. I don't want to see Sherk dry humping Diego for 3 rounds. However, it occurred to me that Sherk thinks he's a boxer now by looking at his last two fights, so it might not be THAT bad. Dana White did confirm that Sanchez would be moving to the lightweight division, so this fight is a possibility. I'm much more interested in seeing Sherk fight Kenny Florian as I mentioned a couple of weeks ago here. Which would you rather see, Sherk/Sanchez or Sherk/Florian?