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MMA4Real Exclusive: Manny Tapia Interview(Post Torres Fight)

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Manny Tapia challenged WEC Bantamweight Champion Miguel Torres at WEC 37, losing by TKO in the second round. Tapia was previously undefeated, and was kind enough to speak with MMA4Real as he recuperates at home and reflects back on the fight. Manny we here at MMA4Real really appreciate you taking the time to speak with us.

MMA4Real-It's been a few days since the fight, how are you feeling physically and mentally?

MT-Physically I feel great just a little fatter, but good and no injuries besides a little shiner I got under my right eye. Mentally I am alot stronger I can't wait to get back in the cage! I learned alot from that loss!

MMA4Real-I saw a post fight interview where you thought the fight was stopped prematurely. Have you had a chance to watch the fight again, and if so do you still feel it was stopped early?

MT-Ya, I got a chance to see the fight and from the angle the ref was at I looked flat and laid out, it was a good call on the refs part! It was one of those things where it looked worse then it really was! But i was conscious, that is why I was up when they announced Miguel the winner! If I was out they would not have let me stand there.

MMA4Real-Right on. I noticed in the fight that you were going to the body with your punches. What was your overall strategy in the fight against Torres?

MT-I did not have a strategy against Torres but I was ready! I knew anything could happen I had to be ready for anything, Miguel is super well rounded!

MMA4Real-If you were granted a re-match with Torres, is there anything you would change as far as gameplan or strategy?

MT-Yea I would probably tape my feet up next was very slippery in there and I could not get my footing right! Physically and mentally I was prepared!

MMA4Real-Yea, I saw you slip a couple of times. Did Torres bring anything to the fight in which you hadn't seen before, or wasn't prepared for?

MT-Yes he did, I knew he had a long reach but dang, I did not know it was that long! If we meet again soon then I will be more aware!

MMA4Real-When can we expect to see "The Mangler" back in the cage?

MT-I kinda want to jump in right away, but i am gonna give myself a little bit of time off! But we will see!

MMA4Real-Cool, is there anyone in particular that you would like to fight in your next fight?

MT-Nobody in particular everyone is tough in the WEC whoever you fight you better be ready! Especially in the bantamweight class!

MMA4Real-Indeed, the WEC is doing a great job. I know that Will Ribeiro fought on the card with you against Brian Bowles. Would a fight against Ribeiro interest you, if so how do you see that fight going?

MT-Will is super tough that would be an exciting fight! I just like to fight it does not matter against i said everyone in my weight class is tough!

MMA4Real-If there anyone you would like to thank, or anything you'd like to say to your fans?

MT-Ya, I just want to thank all my trainers, my camp, my gym MILLENNIA FIGHT TEAM, sponsors, and everyone who has believed in me and stuck by my side and all my fans!

Thanks Manny and we look forward to seeing you competing in the cage in no time.