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Melvin Manhoef Wants Kimbo Slice?

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Remember when I wrote about Kimbo Slice thinking he would do well in K-1? Well, it looks like Slice could have his first challenge in the form of Melvin Manhoef. According to this report, Slice was approached by Manhoef backstage at this past weekends K-1 event where Slice was a guest commentator. Check it:

Melvin Manhoef saw Kimbo Slice by chance backstage at the K-1 event on Saturday. Manhoef abruptly/suddenly made the appeal: "Fight with me!". Some authorized persons then got in between

It's funny that this allegedly happened, because the first person I would want Slice matched up with under K-1 rules would be Manhoef. That guy is an absolute BEAST in the stand up department. In cause you've never seen him fight, here's a brief highlight to give you a better idea of what he's capable of: