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Thiago Silva: Delusional Or Fight Promoter?

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From recent interview with Sherdog:

Q: Which of Machida’s fight impressed you the most?
A: I don’t know. Actually, there aren’t any of his fights I really like. Lyoto’s a fighter who runs more than he fights. He’s not a fighter who will knock me out easily. He scores points, and I’ll make it hard for him to score. I already faced the toughest fighters. I believe it will be more of a psychological fight than a physical fight for me.

Q: Which fighters have you faced that you believe are tougher than Machida?
A: Houston Alexander, Tomasz Drwal, James Irvin. Actually, I’ve only faced tough fighters in the UFC -- just like Lyoto -- who already defeated many top fighters. I’m on my way to the title. I want this belt, and it will be mine
LOL! So he's trying to tell us that Alexander, Drwal, and Irvin are top fighters? Normally I talk shit about Tito Ortiz, but I'd have to say he would smash everyone of those guys and he's a shell of his former self. Guess who made Tito Ortiz look like C-class fighter at UFC 84?

Q: Do you believe Rashad Evans can beat light heavyweight champion Forrest Griffin at UFC 92 later this month?
A: I think Rashad’s in an excellent phase in his career. He surprised me a lot againt Liddell. I believe he’ll win by knockout or by using his ground-and-pound game. I love tough challenges, and, if I beat Lyoto, I’d love to face him for the belt, because it would be a challenge between two undefeated fighters.

Yep, if Silva stops Machida like he says he's going to do I'd love to see him against Rashad Evans. In fact, they were supposed to meet way back at UFC 84 but the bout was scrapped for a myriad of reasons.

I've been saying for FOREVER that Thiago Silva is way overhyped at the moment, and I seriously think the wheels are about to come off that hype train against Machida. I still don't understand why people are so high on Silva. Yes, he's undefeated but he hasn't beaten anyone of note yet in my honest opinion. That's why I love this fight though, because it's going to answer a TON of questions about both fighters. IF Thiago Silva is able to beat Lyoto Machida I will have no problem whatsoever in admitting I was wrong about the guy. Did I mention that UFC 94 is ridiculously stacked?