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Kimbo Slice: "I Would Do Well In K-1"

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Kimbo Slice appeared as a guest commentator at the K-1 World GP Finals event in Japan this past weekend. Below is a Kimbo Slice post event interview posted on their website:

Q: What is your impression of K-1?

A: I want to thank everyone for being here. It is my first time in Japan. I don’t understand the language. The people are very kind, and the food is good. I’m really enjoying it.

Q: And how about K-1?

A: It is very interesting. It is different to how I fight, but some things are being considered.

Q: Were there any fighters here tonight that caught your attention?

A: I was a little bit, well, not disappointed, but Bard Hari is a real fighter. A fighter by profession, and by nature. K-1 is a respectful organization though, so I give him a yellow card too. A bit of a slap on the hand so to speak. But you have to love him for being that true fighter. The bad guy.

Q: Do you feel that K-1 would play towards your natural strengths more than MMA?

A: K-1 would be a good thing as it is stand up, which is more one-dimensional so it is good. There is no ground game to deal with, but then you add knees and some other strikes and yeah, it is interesting. I think with my natural strengths I would do well in K-1.

Q: Would you be interested in fighting Badr Hari?

A: (Laughs) Whoever the opponent is would be OK. As a fighter I don’t really worry about who I fight. If the match-makers made that fight, it would be good for me. I have seen how he fights now, and I just love fighting. I really love everything about fighting.

Wow. I'll admit that Kimbo has natural punching power and looks like a scary mofo. BUT, he would get absolutely DESTROYED in K-1. These guys have been kickboxing for forever, and you can't pick up those techniques overnight.