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2 Weeks Of Training With Matt Hughes

MMA Fighter Chris Wing traveled to Illinois to train with Matt Hughes and his new Hit Squad team. Chris documented every day that he was there in detail, and it's a pretty good read(long). It gives you a pretty good idea of how they do things at that gym. Below is an excerpt:

I woke up this morning with my calves pretty sore so after I ate breakfast I took a hot shower to relieve the pain and loosen up. Then I headed over to the gym for the first session. Matt Pena was running it and he had us run about a mile to warm up. When we got back he told us to wrap up. He ran us through some really good fast paced mitt-work. Then he had us doing some EXCELLENT footwork drills with the rope ladders. We finished the session with some short PT.

I got back to the dorms and some of the guys wanted to go to Appleby’s so 10 of us headed over there for lunch which was a good time. Came back to the dorms after and took a nap, basically so did everyone else. When I woke up I made a shake and just rested until it came close to time for the evening session, so I took another hot shower and headed over to the gym.

I hopped in the shower again before the night session. Hughes was running it, it was grappling. But we had a good warm up; we played a game :-) elbow tag. Its tag but there’s sneaky ways to screw people over or make yourself safe. But before the game started he asked who was new, so he could explain the game. So after he explained he asked me where I was from, Jersey, and then asked me my name, Chris. Then he said "you know why we always ask the new guys name? Cause they're it!" So all the guys were trying to mess with me and make me "it" as much as possible. I was getting people but every time I was "it" Hughes said "come on jersey!" you’ll figure this game out!" It was a good time, and honestly a good and fun way to warm up and get a good morale going. Then we started training; submission grappling. We went 5 minute rounds then Hughes made all the fighters who had fights coming up, which included me, do sprints in between the rounds. We did about 6 rounds, all with sprints after. Then one guy who has a fight in 2 weeks was 30 pounds over and Hughes didn't like that so he made us all do more sprints because of it. Sprint after sprint after sprint. Then after all that we all circled up and finished with buddy pushups. If you don't know what buddy pushups are, you'd enjoy this, it's a really good workout but very tough after hard training. One guy starts the count, which was the guy that was 30 over. He counts 1, then we go and do 1, then he does 2, we do 2, he does 3, we do 3, all the way up to 10. Buuuuuuuuut that’s not all...back down; 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. If you do the math there that’s 110 pushups basically in a row, but there’s a rule; while the one guy who started the count is doing his pushups, you can’t go down to a knee. So that was a good way to end class. Great workout.
You can read the whole thing here.