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Werdum Is Dead Set On Affliction

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"We’re still in negotiation, my sister entered in contact with them, but until now there is nothing right. We’ll see everything in 2009. I’m recuperating myself from injuries and, for this event now (in January), there’s not way. Affliction is promising more than 16 shows in 2009, mainly do not claiming exclusivity, having the possibility to fight in others events, that is good, but still there’s nothing right", finished.

So Affliction is going to hold more than 16 shows in 2009? Pfft...I don't know if I trust what Werdum says or not, because the guy was the last person to find out he was being released from the UFC. If fact, I wouldn't be surprised that Affliction's second show scheduled for January didn't take place much less holding over 16 shows. Apparently Werdum still has his sights set on Affliction even though reports from Affliction were that Werdum was asking for too much money initially. I suppose we'll have to stay tuned to see who's lying or not.

HT: Tatame