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Kurt Pelligrino Interview

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Authority Fight Sport did the interview with Kurt. I had the pleasure of watching Kurt fight Thiago Tavares live at UFC 88. You can't help but like the guy, and as you'll read in the interview he'll tell you that he always comes to fight. In the interview "Batman" speaks on the Tavares fight, training with Kenny Florian and Miguel Torres, and why he needed to change fight camps.

AFS: How did you end up training with Kenny Florian and Miguel Torres?

KP: I went up there when I was having my problems in Florida after losing to Nate and I realized that I had to train somewhere else. Instead of being away from my family for 6 or 7 weeks at a time, I figured, you know what? Kenny's that person that I need, that backbone, that little piece of spine. He's that person that I needed to look up to. Every fighter needs to look up to someone. Tito Ortiz has to look up to someone, Frank Shamrock, when he was undefeated, had to look up to someone, and when people start losing they don't have anyone to look up to. If those people had a coach, how would they lose? Tito's the man, and nothing against Tito, he's the reason why I fight, him and Kevin Randleman, and I needed a coach. I trained with Miguel Torres and saw how much I could learn, and then I trained with Kenny and said "My God, I can't even take this guy down right now! What is going on?" And I realized that I look up to him, he's like a hero of mine, he's my coach and he's going to put the stripes on my black belt. That's what I realized when I went there. I went there to see what Kenny had to offer me and he offered me friendship and himself as my coach, and I'll never turn my back.