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Rashad Evans: "Somebody Is Going To Give In"

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Rashad Evans speaks to MMAWeekly:

"I see the fight coming out fast and furious," Evans says. "We’re going to be throwing really fast, right away. And then I see it coming to a period, like in the middle, where we’re kind of seeing who’s really going to break. Then somebody’s going to give in, just a little bit. And then the other person is going to jump on them."

I really don't see both guys coming out fast and furious, but I do agree that the difference in this fight will be heart and cardio. Somebody will break in this fight, and you'll have to stay tuned to MMA4Real as I'll be breaking down EVERYTHING about this fight sometime next week. It'll be well worth the read I promise you that. I'm probably more excited to see the Rampage/Wandy fight, but the Griffin/Evans fight is THE most intriguing fight on the entire card. Give me ya thoughts on it...