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Why I Agree With Dana White's Decision

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What a night last night huh? We got to see one of the best fighters in the world perform with surgical precision in Miguel Torres, and then watch karma come back to haunt a fighter on TUF(Junie). I'm pretty excited to see the Nover/Escudero, and I think Magalhaes will submit Bader rather easily unless he has done nothing but practice BJJ since being home.

Should Junie have been kicked off the show multiple times? Yes, but I don't think people are looking at the situation from Dana White's point of view. What Dana White did was put himself in the same position as a fan watching the show. Let's remember who watches this show also, mainly males the ages of 18-34. If someone is a bully, a drunk, or a complete ass and is always causing trouble everybody loves it when someone puts them in their place. No casual fan in the targeted demographic watching was going, man he should be kicked off the show for that :sarcasm: No, they were saying I'd love to see that guy get his ass kicked. Did Dana White take a huge gamble in allowing Junie to fight in the semi-finals?

Absolutely, but even if he had won you would still have that targeted demographic tuning in to see him possibly get his ass kicked in the finals against Nover. If he won the TUF contract in the finals against Nover, then you have a fighter with a instant fan base either rooting for him or against him. In a sense that's the basis for the entire show is it not?

I'm a huge fan of MMA and I definitely care about how MMA is perceived by the public. Yet, we have to remember who the core of the audience is that watches this show called The Ultimate Fighter. Dana White allowing Junie to stay on the show is not going to set the sport back. One has to remember that Dana White didn't have time to contemplate this, this, and this. You could argue that the outcome was convenient for the show. However, you could also argue that kicking Junie off the show would have been convenient as well. The fact of the matter is there has been a Junie Browning on every last season of TUF. I firmly believe that having Junie experience some humble pie on national television, did a lot more for Junie as a personthan kicking him off the show could have ever done. In fact, if you keep up with the reports coming out of Xtreme Couture(where Junie currently trains) you would see that is indeed what has happened.