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Recap And Thoughts On WEC 37

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Joseph Benavidez vs. Danny Martinez-First of all let me say that whoever was saying that Benavidez could possibly beat "Kid" Yamamoto is absolutely out of their minds. I read that somewhere but I can't recall exactly. However, for a young kid he wasn't bad I suppose and maybe my expectations of him coming from Urijah Faber's camp were a little high. Martinez displayed a pretty good chin, but that was about it. His stand up was pretty basic. All in all the fight was ok with Benavidez pretty much dominating the entire bout save for a little flurry at the end by Martinez.

Brian Bowles vs. Will Ribeiro-I was expecting Ribeiro to dominate the stand up in this fight, but Bowles displayed a much improved stand up game and landed more shots. Fight was decent overall with both fighters landing nice shots, and Ribeiro ate a couple of HARD shots and still kept coming. Bowles also did a nice job of mixing his stand up and take downs. The most impressive thing was that Bowles forced the stand up guy to try and take him down, and then made him pay with a very tight guillotine. He had Ribeiro in trouble earlier in the fight with a guillotine, but was able to put him away the second time. Bowles remains undefeated.

Waggney Fabiano vs. Akitoshi Tamura-Didn't I say we might see Fabiano finish Tamura with the arm triangle choke? I told ju mayne, I told ju! Overall, most people were probably bored out of their minds with this fight. However, I enjoyed the technical aspect of the ground game between the two. I think the difference in this fight was Fabiano maintaining that top position and basically making Tamura gas from having to defend position the entire fight. I agree with what Frank Mir said though as both fighters need to step their games up to be competitive as they move up in competition.

Miguel Torres vs. Manny Tapia-Torres might have the best jab in all of MMA. The reach was just too much for Tapia and Torres landed that jab at will. Most predicted that this fight would end with a Torres submission, but I think he wanted to prove a point to Tapia. I don't see anyone in the division beating Torres right now. Props to Manny Tapia he showed madd heart.

Overall I felt like this show was decent at best, but I think the pacing of the show was poor once again. How can we only see four fights in a 2 hour time span? That's ridiculous, but Miguel Torres made it all worthwhile for me. Anytime you get to watch a guy with that type of skill is a plus. I went 3-1 with the predictions for this event. How'd you do and what are your thoughts on the card? Better yet, who can beat Miguel Torres?