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No Knees To The Head Of Fighters On The Ground?

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Courtesy of Sherdog:

Nick Lembo(Chairman of ABC's MMA Committee) on weight classes changes:

"The ultimate goal is not to make changes detrimental to the growth of the sport," he said. "This is a very young, precocious sport . . . I’m not a big fan of radical changes, like with weight classes. I think they’ve been working good . . . Boxing did this, and we have like 14 weight classes or something. And one of the biggest problems with the weight classes in boxing is that it diluted the champions. There’s nobody around that can name all the champions in boxing."

Thank GOD somebody is using a hint of common sense nowadays, especially with all these retarded people coming out of the woodworks saying MMA needs all these new weight divisions.

Lembo on Knees To The Head Of Opponent On The Ground:

"Hardcore fans want knees to head on the ground, and I can tell you it’s not going to happen," Lembo said. "One of main reasons it’s not going to happen is because the industry itself doesn’t want it. It’s not only the doctors who are concerned about it."

Pat Miltech speaks on knees to the head:
"I don’t see a need for knees to the head on the ground," Miletich said. "That’s something that has potential for some serious fractures. Being concerned for athletes’ overall longevity and health, I don’t think that’s something that’s needed."

I don't think I've ever heard any fighters of today state that they didn't want knees to the head of an opponent on the ground implemented. If so, then they probably are wrestlers that get their shot stuffed and are afraid to suffer the consequences. Now the PRIDE stomps I can do without because they could be perceived as overly brutal by someone that's never seen MMA. However, knees to the head on the ground would add an element that's sorely needed in terms of fighters stalling on the ground. It's not like a fighter is gonna just lay there and let someone knee the hell out of their head without trying to improve their position. If so, then maybe they didn't need to be fighting in the first place?

Nick Lembo also spoke about amateur MMA:

Lembo said he will personally push for amateur ranks in all states, and that those bouts wouldn’t allow certain attacks that could result in long-term damage, like elbow strikes and heelhooks.

Now I think that's great. Here in North Carolina there are tons of little shows popping up everywhere featuring amateur fighters. Eliminating moves that could cause long term damage is a smart move, because without the experience and proper training it would be easy for someone to be seriously hurt.