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Stop Hating On The Rubber Guard

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I must say that I'm a fan of watching fighters that do this system correctly. However, I'm not even close to being flexible enough to practice this branch of jiu jitsu. I always wondered why guys often pull guard/get taken down in a MMA fight and just stay there with their guard closed. I'm like why would you just lay there with a closed guard and eat elbows, or just let a guy lay on you without doing anything? Now, I'm don't know who invented what in terms of traditional BJJ and rubber guard. The rubber guard does seem more logical to use in terms of jiu jitsu in MMA, simply because you don't have a gi to use. In my opinion, Joe Rogan said it best at the end of the video. "No one has put it into a organized system", so you have to at least acknowledge that . SO STOP HATING! Any MMA4Real readers practicing the rubber guard? If so, what's the most difficult thing about the system?

*Props to BE..I think that's where I saw this video earlier.