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Remember Those Bubbles I Talked About?

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You can refresh your memory here if you don't remember the fighters I spoke about. However, two of those fighters of that list have indeed had their bubbles popped according to various reports.

Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou
Sokoudjou has been released from the UFC after going 1-2 inside the octagon. He was stopped in both of his defeats while managing to stop a fellow PRIDE veteran(Nakamura) in his lone win. He became expendable once Luis Cane disposed of him at UFC 89. Sokoudjou only have 8 career MMA fights with many of those fights ending fairly quickly. So it was difficult to gauge his overall skill set since two of his big wins came fairly quickly. Here's to hoping he leaves team Quest and joins a gym that will get him to use all of his skills.

Jorge Gurgel is a prime example of a fighter that forgoes his own strengths in hopes of being a crowd pleaser. Gurgel has some memorable fights in the UFC, but two things were always against him. He was usually on the losing end of the fight, and nobody usually saw it because most of his fights were not on the main card. It has widely been reported that he has been released from the UFC as well. It appeats that Gurgel has been signed by the Strikeforce promotion, so at least he will still be fighting. Here's to hoping Gurgel actually fights using his strengths from now on.

*Props To PROMMA for breaking the news about Gurgel.