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GSP vs. Anderson Silva On The Horizon?

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According to MMAWeekly:

"If Georges wins, obviously there's another super-fight lined up for him that he could possibly take," said UFC president Dana White, alluding to a bout with Anderson Silva.

Now don't get me wrong, I want to see mega fights just like the next guy. However, I don't want to see them at the expense of fighters that have earned title shots not getting that opportunity. If GSP vs. Silva were to happen AFTER GSP defended his title against Thiago Alves, then I'm all for it. Hell, with the way Alves has been fighting lately it would be a mega fight as well. It could possibly do just as many PPV buys at GSP/Silva if promoted properly. But to see these fighters(Penn and GSP) jumping from division to division without defending their belts properly isn't right in my honest opinion. It's a slap in the face to all of the fighters in each division that have worked tirelessly to earn a title shot.

After GSP vs. Penn, I need to see the following fights: GSP vs. Alves and Florian vs. Penn then they can do whatever super fights they want to do after that. What are your thoughts on these fighters jumping divisions, or the whole concept of mega fights in general?