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Fedor's Manager Is At It Again

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Vadim Finkelstein absolutely loves Dana White and simply can't keep White's name out of his mouth. Finklestein's latest 'blonde' moment is as follows courtesy of Fighter's Only Magazine:

"He did a lot for MMA in the world and deserves the credits and respect for that. But although UFC paved the road, they must realize that now comes the time that others will also drive on that road," he added, referring to M-1's frequent efforts to draw the UFC into a co-promotion.

"We are open to work with UFC, but I think Dana is afraid to do so. He should not be, because it's not our intention to steal the pie but to share the pie."
This is just more evidence that supports the old saying that common sense isn't common type thing. If I have some pie, and I LOVE me some pie. If I don't give a damn about you, why in the world would I give you some of my pie that I've worked awfully hard for? Especially when one of the reasons that I don't like you involves you competing with me when money is on the line. A lot of people dislike Dana White and his way of doing things, some of them I disapprove of as well. But, I can't help but think that Finklestein has absolutely sabotaged Fedor Emelianenko's career for his own personal gain.