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What We Learned From The UFC vs. AKA Debacle

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No fighter is in a position to challenge the UFC at the present time.

I sat back and read all of the information as it came in, and truth be told we'll never know everything that happened with the situation. There are two sides of every story as this situation is no different. The sad thing I noticed is that fans picked sides before getting a great deal of information about the situation, and again we'll NEVER get all of the behind the scene information needed to reach a clear judgement. The fact of the matter is everything in this situation revolves around money. The UFC wants to make money, the fighters want to get paid, and the fighter's agents want a piece of that same pie.

I can't say that I agree with how the UFC and company handled the situation, as I can only go with the information presented and Dana White hasn't divulged much on his side. However, I can't say that I agree with Jon Fitch and the information that was presented on his behalf. I mean maybe his agent or manager had an ulterior motive of some sorts, or this situation could be similiar to Brandon Vera's situation. Where the fighter's manager simply wasn't sharing all of the necessary information with the fighter.

What I do know is this, no fighter is in a position to take a stance with the UFC right now. All you have to do is point to UFC hall of famer Randy Couture. Couture was at the pinnacle of MMA as the UFC HW champion, and tried to do battle with the UFC and ultimately lost. Couture is one of the most recognized, beloved, and best fighters of our time and he ultimately had to succumb to the 800 pound gorilla. I know the scenario isn't the same in regards to Couture and Fitch, but the outcome will be. According to Sherdog, the UFC and Fitch are in talks right now as I type.

Is taking a stance against the UFC worth it at the present time?