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Demian Maia Needs To Be The TUF Coach Opposite Of Michael Bisping

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Demian Maia thinks so as well:

We heard some rumors about you being the next TUF coach. Did someone spoke with you about that?

Commented that, and I think it’d be great. It’s the best thing for the fighter in the US. I’d accepted it, besides being away from fighting for a long time. And I think Bisping will be one of the coaches
I think Demian Maia REALLY wants to fight Michael Bisping, probably because he thinks that will move him up the MW ladder the quickest. Having Maia as the coach on the next edition of TUF accomplishes a few things like the following:

  • Gives Maia increased and much needed exposure to casual fans

  • Creates more interest in a fight between the two

  • Allows Dan Henderson and Rich Franklin to continue fighting at LHW

Nathan Marquardt could also be the coach opposite of Michael Bisping, but he has absolutely NO personality and would probably beat Bisping like he stole something. He also already has a loss to the current champion in Anderson Silva. The MW division needs to develop more fighters that the casual fan can identify with. Maia is a very good fighter and actually has finished all of his opponents inside the cage, but the casual fan probably has no idea he has accomplished that. Bisping's charisma would carry the show enough so that it wouldn't be terribly boring. In fact, Maia has SOME sense of humor as identified at the UFC 91 post fight press conference. In terms of the TUF theme of the U.S. vs. the U.K., well it sucks and even Dana White thinks so.