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Why Does Joe Stevenson Get A Title Shot With A Win At UFC 91?

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First of all, let me say that I think this should be a good fight and I'm looking forward to it as long as Kenny Florian from UFC 87 doesn't show up. I think Kenny Florian deserved a shot at the LW title BEFORE this fight at UFC 91, and props to him for taking this fight as Stevenson is a quality opponent. Dana White has gone on record at the UFC 91 press conference and stated that the winner of this fight gets a shot at BJ Penn for the LW title. Hold up, if Joe Stevenson beats Kenny Florian he gets ANOTHER shot at BJ Penn?

Didn't Joe Stevenson just get steamrolled in just 10 or 11 months ago by that same BJ Penn? Stevenson did win his next fight against Gleison Tibau, but he was kinda losing that fight before sinking in that patented guillotine he has in the 2nd round.

Don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of Stevenson and I think he's a very good fighter. However, I'm not sure he deserves another shot against BJ Penn so quickly if he gets by Kenny Florian at UFC 91. Had the fight been more competitive then I wouldn't gripe about it. I think Joe Stevenson should be matched up against Sean Sherk and the winner gets a re-match with BJ Penn(or whoever the champ is).

Do you think Joe Stevenson deserves another shot at BJ Penn with a win at UFC 91?