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Where Do You Rank Brock Lesnar If He Beats Randy Couture?

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The hype for this fight is beginning to pick up nicely as we approach this weekend. ESPN has given extensive coverage to this fight featuring interviews with Randy Couture, Brock Lesnar, and Dana White. As of right now, Lesnar is a slight favorite by most gambling sites to win this weekend. My question to you is where do you rank Brock Lesnar if he beats Randy Couture?

Is beating Randy Couture worth a top ten ranking? Let's take a look at some bits of information:

  • Randy Couture hasn't fought in over a year

  • Couture is 45 yrs old

  • Couture has a decision win over a Top 10 opponent(Tim Sylvia)

  • Couture has a TKO victory over a top 15 HW(that's where I had Gabriel Gonzaga at the time)

After Couture disposed of Gonzaga many of sites ran and put him as the #2 HW in the world behind Fedor Emelianenko. I don't know why, it's not like he beat any of the top 5 HW at the time. Maybe it was them believing the hype that Couture had bestowed upon himself, claiming that Fedor was the only fight worthy of him taking at the time thus making him #2 in his mind? The #4 ranking is the highest I've ever given Couture since he moved back up to the HW division. I currently have Couture as the #5 HW in the world and that's probably being generous since he's been out of action for over a year.

Brock Lesnar has a win over a relative nobody, a loss to Frank Mir, and a pretty dominant decision win over Heath Herring. At the time Frank Mir was possibly a top 15 HW in the world and Herring is probably in that same range as well. So Lesnar has a loss to a top 15 HW and a win against a top 15 HW. A win against Couture would give him a win against a top 10 HW. Does Randy having not fought in over a year diminish the feat? Will Lesnar have only beaten a 45 year old fighter? Will Lesnar beating a legend in the sport in only his 4th career MMA outweigh both?

Where would you rank Lesnar is he beats Randy Couture?

A) Top 5 HW

B) Top 10 HW

C) Borderline Top 10

D) Not Ranked At All