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UFC 91 Breakdown And Predictions

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We’re at UFC 91 and its being billed as the biggest UFC pay-per-view in history. Whether you agree or not it certainly has a huge hype machine behind it and should do some hefty buy rates with the massive main event. My only complaint is the undercard needs one more solid names to carry it over the top but hey, who can complain when you get to see this great fight card. Anyways, on to the predictions:

Randy Couture vs. Brock Lesnar – Well we’ve done the big breakdownand while I supported Brock, I was initially leaning towards Couture. After writing it, I was even more torn in what my choice would be. However, the deciding factor is…experience. As big and fast as Brock is, he’s still green and reckless in the octagon. Guys with Randy’s experience are quick to pick up on any and every little error someone makes. This is why I think the fight will be a little one-sided in the opening minutes, with Lesnar having his way. I do think he’ll easily take Couture to the ground where he will attempt to work some ground and pound but for the most part Couture will neutralize him and we’ll see frequent stand ups and restarts. Finally, I think by late round 2 or early round 3, Brock will do the same but leave himself open and get caught in a triangle choke or armbar submission in which he’ll be forced to tap.

Kelvin Hunt-I too think Lesnar will come out like a ball shot out of a cannon. I think he's trying to make a statement with this fight. I just saw a recent picture of Couture, and the age seems like it's finally catching up with him. We all know better than to count Couture out of any match. However, I think the year out of the cage coupled with what Lesnar brings to the table will be too much for him to overcome. Couture's only way to win is grinding out a decision or putting Lesnar against the cage while GnPing until the ref stops the fight. Lesnar via TKO Round 1.

Joe Stevenson vs. Kenny Florian – This might seem like fight of the night, but I’m guessing it will be somewhat dull but a good performance by both. Florian will use his reach and keep Stevenson having to work to get off any kind of offense while being picked apart. I’m not sure if Florian will finish him but he will no doubt walk away unanimously the victor.

Kelvin Hunt-I think this fight will be a decent scrap, but Florian has the edge standing while both are BJJ blackbelts. Florian will be able to pick Stevenson apart on the feet and he knows how to defend the guillotine well. Florian by Decision.

Gabriel Gonzaga vs. Josh Hendricks – From what I can tell, Josh trains with Couture and is a pretty good wrestler. Haven’t seen any of his fights and for that you should usually go with the accomplished fighter, but the Werdum fight let us know that it’s not just your name that wins the fight. I think Gonzaga is a bit more focused now and should be able to beat up Hendricks in the stand up (as far as I know). So, I’m going with Gonzaga by second round TKO.

Kelvin Hunt-I don't know much about Hendricks either, but his record indicates that he has the ability to win via submission or strikes. However, I doubt he has the submission acumen to handle what Gonzaga brings to the table. Gonzaga via Submission Rd. 2

Demian Maia vs. Nate Quarry – Hopefully Quarry’s last fight is far from our thoughts but if it isn’t, it’s not indicative of what he can do. Maia showed he’s competent in the stand up against MacDonald but he’ll probably want to steer clear of trading with Quarry too long. While Quarry’s a tough, scrappy guy I just think Maia’s one level above him, so I think he’ll eventually get this fight to the ground and slap on a submission for the victory. I even think it’ll come in the first round.

Kelvin Hunt-Classic grappler vs. Striker match up here. The fight will go to the ground at some point, a place in which Quarry wants NO part of. If he can keep the fight standing he has a good chance of winning, but I envision Maia getting it to the ground somehow. Quarry will make a mistake and it will be curtains for him. Maia via RNC in Rd. 2

Tamdan McCrory vs. Dustin Hazelett – The Barn Cat is coming off a win over Luke Cummo and Hazelett’s coming off a great win over Josh Burkman. Really glad this got bumped up to the main card should be exciting and most likely fast paced. I think both will come out guns blazing and will probably tag each other a few times before Dustin scoops up Tamdan and takes him down to the mat and locks on a submission for the win and fight of the night props. I think the pace will be fast, so I don’t see it going beyond the first or into the early second.

Kelvin Hunt-I'm glad this fight got bumped to the main card as Hazelett wants to continue to move up the WW ladder. McCrory is no push over, but I think Hazelett has too much for him at this point. Hazelett has great BJJ and a decent standup game so I think he can win the fight where ever he chooses. I'm go with Hazelett via Armbar in Rd. 3.