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Lyoto Machida Tells Thiago Silva What's Up

Tatame had a session done in which both Machida and Silva interviewed one another, asking ones opinions on how their fight at UFC 94 will go. The excerpts are below:

Lyoto Machida-:

"I think the fight will be the synthesis of the modern MMA, will have everything: takedowns, striking and I think we’ll do everything that exists in MMA, and the fight might be a stand up one. I consider you a tough guy, but I think my technique is superior"

Thiago Silva-:
You have your merits, if you were a bad athlete you wouldn’t be where you are. You’re a top level opponent… I wouldn’t say difficult, but a top level one. It’ll be a fight of unbeatable"

I love the fact that Machida comes right out and says that he thinks he technique is superior, maybe he has been working on his salesmanship for this fight? I'm so hyped for this fight and it's over 2 months away. This fight will answer A LOT of questions about both fighters. Can Machida handle a very aggressive opponent? Is Silva a legitimate contender in the stacked LHW division? We will have our answers soon enough.