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WEC Needs To Make Some Adjustments

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I'm shooting from the hip here as it's way past my bed time. Overall I thought tonight's show was decent with a big upset as the WEC poster boy Urijah Faber succumbed to Mike Brown via punches. I wouldn't consider Filho's loss an upset given the circumstances and how the first fight went between him and Sonnen. Garcia just walked though Jens Pulver with ease, and I think he rightfully deserves a title shot. Let's take a look at some of the adjustments the WEC needs to make:

  1. Why is your former LW champion and the possible #1 contender fighting on the UNDERCARD? Why would you not want to put that fight on the main card is beyond me. Regardless of who won the fight, you could easily build up the winner of that fight as the challenger to LW champ Jamie Varner.

  2. Why are two newcomers to the organization that are fighting in a weight class that's going to be disbanded fighting on the main card? See #1.

  3. The pacing of the fights was terrible tonight. We got to see 5 fights and three of those fights ended in the FIRST round and only one fight went the distance. Usually the WEC broadcasts are on point, but tonight they were struggling.

I'd also like to add that the WEC should just forget about doing PPV for right now, unless they are going to give Urijah Faber an immediate re-match. Their biggest star lost tonight to a guy that's as bout as marketable as a piece of cardboard. Brown is a very good fighter but he is no Urijah Faber is terms of putting people in the seats. Jens Pulver is at a crossroads in his career right now, because he's well on his way to gaining gatekeeper status in the 145lb division. His next is going to make or break him in my honest opinion.

What in the hell was Paulo Filho doing in that fight? The guy clearly has some problems, but I'm not going to speculate on what they could be. The guy has looked like shit since leaving PRIDE, and is no longer performing as a top ten MW...much less the #2 ranked MW in the world. He will be promptly dropped from my rankings as of tomorrow. A number of mediocre fighters would have kicked his ass tonight.

I do think the WEC did a nice job of promoting their upcoming card that's taking place in December. It would have been nice to have had interviews with Manny Tapia and Miguel Torres though.

What are your thoughts on the show?