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Paulo Filho Moving To LHW Division

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Paulo Filho and his coaches conducted an interview with Tatame immediately after his WEC 36 fight against Chael Sonnen. Below is an excerpt from the interview:

"(Train) Here will be good, everybody is coming here and that’s because it works. At Brazil we hadn’t a good training camp, and here I believe we’ll have a high level training", spoke Filho, supported by his coach Josuel Distak. "The loss isn’t good, but that’s good to learn. We need more focus, responsibility, and the weight is a problem… What happened yesterday we’ll forget and start all over again. We’ll train here and get our rematch with Sonnen, and then go to light-heavyweight division"

Filho will be moving to Los Angeles according to the interview, citing a need for better training camps. It's interesting that he wants another rematch with Sonnen, because there's no telling what Zuffa will do after his performance last night. Who would want to see a third match between those two? The most interesting part of the interview was the part where they communicated Filho will be moving to the LHW division. However, it is not clear which LHW division they are talking about in the interview.

Let me just say that if Filho were to join the UFC LHW division, he would get absolutely destroyed by anyone in or near the top ten. He's too one dimensional and lacks the size to be able to compete against the majority of the fighters there. However, one wonders what's next for him considering the obvious problem he has had with cutting to 185 since leave PRIDE.