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It's Not 1997 Anymore Randy Couture

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Randy Couture spoke on how his training camp for his upcoming fight at UFC 91 has gone thus far, and how he's preparing for Brock Lesnar:

"He’s a big, strong athlete who moves well for a guy of his size.

"Technique-wise, where he’s at — I’ve been there myself. He’s a wrestler making the transition and trying to learn all the other skills to go with his wrestling background.

"He’s getting by with his wrestling background and it’s my job to exploit those other areas where he’s not as sharp as he should be yet.
I think Couture is forgetting to take into account that it's not 1997 anymore. Sure Lesnar still has madd room to improve in all areas, but I think it's safe to say that he's improving at a tremendous rate. The training methods now compared to back when Couture first started MMA are light years apart. I mean back then wrestlers just trained in submission defense and tried to GnP their way to victory. Whereas now fighters coming from wrestling backgrounds are knocking people out with head kicks and right crosses. I still haven't decided on exactly how I think this fight will go down. However, I can tell you that Lesnar is bringing way more tools to the table than Couture thinks he is. I guess that's the whole intrigue of this fight isn't it?