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Has Chael Sonnen Learned His Lesson?

It has been almost a year since Chael Sonnen first squared off against WEC MW champion Paulo Filho. During the fight Sonnen was pretty much dominating the WEC champion, and was well on his way to winning a decision. He had Filho in trouble a couple of times, but the hard nosed Brazilian was able to survive and catch Sonnen in one of his patented armbar submissions. Sonnen didn't tap, but it was a formality as Filho would have taken his arm home with him that night. So with the re-match on the horizon the question is, has Chael Sonnen learned his lesson?


I'm not exactly sure when this video was done. If it was done in the last couple of weeks, how on earth can Sonnen not have a gameplan yet? I mean the game plan should be pretty simple. Keep the fight standing and try to KO Filho, while mixing in 1-2 take downs per round. If he gets the takedown, do not dwell in Filho's guard, or we'll have an exact replay of the first match. I personally think Filho is overrated, he hasn't looked impressive at all in his first two WEC fights. Maybe he can show me something on Wednesday to warrant me keeping him as the #2 ranked MW in the world.

What are your thoughts on this fight?