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Chuck Liddell Speaks On His Future

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Props: The UG

It's interesting that in the video Liddell finally takes all the blame for his devastating loss against Rashad Evans. Usually Liddell has taken the safe approach with the phrase "I just got caught", but here he gives particular reasons why it happened. He also addresses the 'Liddell blueprint' that some people are talking about in terms of Greg Jackson's fighters using game plans to defeat Liddell.

One thing I want to point out is that in the video in the portion where they ask Liddell about leg kicks. He says leg kicks that land shouldn't count if they don't hurt him. are the judges supposed to score that shit? I can see it now...Liddell gets hit with a leg kick and the judges call timeout and are like this:

Judge: Yo Chuck you just got hit with a leg kick, did that shit hurt?

Liddell: Hell nah

Judge: Ok, that shit don't count in the scoring then