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Who Anderson Silva Should Fight At UFC 91

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First let me say that Silva has not been confirmed to fight on the UFC 91 card, but he has pretty much made it clear that he would like to fight then. The card is two and a half weeks away and the "Spider" received absolutely no damage in the Cote fight. I have eye witness sources that have told MMA4Real that Silva went and sparred 2 rounds in his warm up room AFTER the Cote fight. So it's very clear that he is disappointed with his last performance and wants to redeem himself. Dana White should be the first one in agreement with this, since it is he who started the whole Anderson Silva push as the best P4P fighter.

Silva has five fights left on his contract and ALL of them should be as a LHW. Simply because other than Nate Marquardt(who Silva has beaten already) there isn't anyone worthy of getting in the cage with Silva in the middleweight division. However, at LHW there are several fighters with whom everyone would love to see Silva get in the cage with. If Silva were to fight at UFC 91 his opponent wouldn't need to be one of the larger stars in the LHW division, because we already have Couture vs. Lesnar as the main event. It needs to be someone with some name recognition, and someone fans like to see fight no matter if they win or lose because they are exciting.

That fighter is Houston Alexander and he should fight Anderson Silva at UFC 91. He last fought in September and received little to no damage in that fight. He comes straight forward and would provide what was suppose to happen at UFC 90...somebody getting KO'ed. Alexander signed a new deal with the UFC before his last loss, and according to him was not released from that contract. He's probably never going to be a contender in the LHW division, so why not get your money's worth out of him? It's not so much important of who Anderson would fight at UFC 91. It's about him putting on the dominant performances we have become spoiled with if you will.

A lot of fans are clamoring for Liddell vs. Silva, but if you think about it Silva vs. Alexander is the same fight. The only difference is it's cheaper for the UFC because Alexander doesn't make anywhere near what Liddell makes, and for now it's saving Liddell from another loss. Liddell is still a huge money maker for the UFC, and back to back KO losses is something he can't afford right now.