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NC MMA-Fight To The Finish 3

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The Amateur Fight League(AFL) is a MMA organization that's based in the Northeastern part of NC. In North Carolina a MMA fighter must have 5 amateur fights before he can become a pro. The AFL's goal is basically to recruit and cultivate fighters to give them the opportunity to fight and become pro's. The AFL is also currently producing a highlight show that airs on WSKY-TV 4 here in NC. They will be presenting their third event on November 1st, in Greenville, NC at JH Rose High School with the doors opening at 7pmEST. The fight card is as follows:

  • Eric Farnham vs. Chris Burns

  • Bradley Cook vs. Ryan Baker

  • Richard Graham vs. Sheyenne Housand

  • Phillip Estes vs. Lindsey Ormsbee

  • Nick Tellez vs. Jamie Pickett

  • Brandon Moore vs. Eric Martindale

  • Carlton Barnhill vs. Carl Sing

  • Kelly Wilkins vs. John Perry(WW Title Fight)

  • Bobby Jacobs vs. Brian Ward(MW Title Fight)

  • Dennis Wrigley vs. Edward Jackson(LHW Title Fight)

  • Josh Miller vs. Scott Monish(LW Title Fight)

  • Jeff Robinson vs. Ryan Legget

  • Robert Todd vs. Joseph Kellar

  • Justin Giles vs. Tommy Cale

  • Stephen Bush vs. Shawn Lake