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Dana White-"People Are Not Ready To See Some Girl Get A Beatdown"

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Dana White was recently on the Tapout Radio Show and was asked about having women fight in the UFC. The following quote was taken from the audio interview:

People are not ready to see some girl get a beat down

I would have to agree with Dana in terms of women fighting, especially in the sport of MMA. I think there are things that are higher up on the list of priorities that need to be accomplished first. Things like the following:

  • MMA legalized in every state in the U.S.

  • Amateur MMA circuit

  • Health insurance for fighters

That's just a few things that I can think of right off the top of my head. Also, as Dana points out in the interview there simply are not enough top level women to form a division at the moment. Sure they could have one off fights every third or fourth PPV card, or have a women's MMA match on a ultimate fight night card. However, what would be the purpose in that though?

I think Dana has the right idea in that they need to continue to educate the public on MMA and get it sanctioned everywhere first. I think he'll entertain the idea once they have accomplished that goal. I mean he said that Gina Carano is a star and he understands there is an opportunity there. So I do think that we will eventually see women fighting in the UFC or the WEC. I just think Zuffa wants to get all of the other major priorities nailed down first before tackling that issue.

Also, the interview is a good one as all Dana White interviews are. In the audio he touches on all the current rumors, and continues to drop multiple adjectives on the competition. He also admits to kicking Tito Ortiz's ass when they used to box back in the day among other things!!!