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Why You Have To Respect Jake Shields

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In the article Shields speaks on how he found out that EliteXC was closing up shop, the UFC, and his future. MMAWeekly recently caught up with EliteXC MW Champ:

"The UFC's the most likely option," he said. "That's where I'm certainly leaning. I haven't had any talks with them yet; I have to get my contract released. That's definitely the number one option I'm looking at. I was on good terms with them before I signed this last contract, so I don't think there should be any problem. The UFC's where I've wanted to fight for years, and also the guys ranked above me in the world are there so that's certainly the most logical show to go to."

First of all let's be realistic and let it be known that there are not many options besides the UFC for Shields at this point in time. Sure he could go to Affliction, DREAM, and/or World Victory Road but those companies are not in great shape financially. However, for a fighter to openly admit that there are fighters ranked above him and to acknowledge he needs to fight them is a great act of humility. After his victory over Paul Daley at the last CBS event, Shields openly called out fighters like GSP and Jon Fitch. I bet little did he know that opportunity would come knocking sooner rather than later.

Currently Shields is MMA4Real's #6 ranked WW in the world with the top 5 being in the UFC. He is well known for his ground skills and he uses them very effectively. However, I must admit that his last performance did expose glaring holes in his game, most notably his striking ability. That's something he will need address with the utmost importance if he wants to compete in the UFC WW division.