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Why GSP vs. BJ Penn 2 Shouldn't Be For The WW Title

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It has been reported that the GSP vs. BJ Penn 2 fight that's scheduled for Superbowl weekend will be for the welterweight title:

St. Pierre vs. Penn will be for the welterweight title, giving Penn the chance to become the first person in UFC history to hold championships in two weight divisions at the same time.

Now let me begin by saying that I am all for the GSP vs. BJ Penn 2 fight being a 5 round affair. However, I do not think that allowing the fight to be for the welterweight title is the correct move unless there is an instant rematch agreement in the event that Penn wins. The UFC already puts entire weight divisions on hold because of The Ultimate Fighter Show. BJ Penn has made it clear that he doesn't think anyone in the UFC lightweight division poses a threat to him. If he feels that way, he should relinquish the LW title and venture back up to the WW division. That would be a lot better than him jumping back and forth between divisions trying to defend both titles provided he beat GSP.

This whole post could be for null, because I don't think BJ Penn has anything for GSP right now. Especially not in a 5 round fight in which GSP just had, and completely dominated the #2 WW in the world. I guess we'll just have to wait and see. What are you thoughts on GSP vs. Penn 2 being for the WW title?