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My Initial Thoughts On EliteXC Folding

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  1. Good Riddance-I mean I'm all for a company that promotes the sport of MMA in the correct fashion, but when you do some of the things that EliteXC supposedly did? Then I suppose karma is a mofo, and I don't even believe in karma like that.

  2. Poor Gina Carano-I'm not even a big fan of women's MMA like that, but she is entertaining and she sacrificed a lot for that company. That was pretty much the home of women's MMA(for now), so who knows where she'll end up?

  3. All The Fighters-Where will they end up? I'm sure some will never fight on the big stage again, while some may be scooped up by Zuffa. Then some may go over to Japan where the MMA scene is turbulent as well.

  4. I wonder is CBS will try to get Affliction as a replacement for EliteXC, or if they are completely done with trying their hand at airing MMA? Affliction is bleeding money as well, while CBS isn't in the best shape so it'll be interesting to see how that works out.

  5. What effect will this have on how the UFC will move forward? I'm pretty sure Dana White views CBS as damaged goods, and we'll probably never see the UFC on CBS at this point.

Just my initial thoughts as I try to wake up this morning, it was a long night. I'll be on the road traveling for part of the day. However, feel free to drop your thoughts down and I'll check back this afternoon when I get some more information.