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What's Next For Keith Jardine?

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Keith Jardine is fresh off a split decision win against Brandon Vera at UFC 89. After the decision was announced I began to think about who Jardine should face next. I began to think about what would be in the best interest for the LHW division, the UFC, and which fight would answer a lot of questions. Jardine has shown the ability to win the big fight, then turn right around and lose unexpectedly. Many people counted Jardine out against Vera, but he did just enough to get the win. So now the question is, will Jardine fail again in his next outing? He's about 3 wins away from a title shot in my opinion, as Vera clearly isn't one of the top LHW fighters at the moment. A re-match against Wanderlei is too soon, and Wandy is fighting at the end of the year against Rampage Jackson regardless. Most of the other LHW's have fights lined up already, all of them except Chuck Liddell.

As we all know, Liddell is coming back from suffering the most devastating KO loss of his illustrious career at UFC 88. Liddell has stated that he would like to return in early 2009, which would be perfect since Jardine just fought in October. Even though Jardine already owns a win over Liddell, the first fight was close enough to have a second fight. Liddell also has a victory over Wanderlei Silva, a guy that destroyed Jardine in less than 40 seconds. Actually a Liddell versus Jardine part two would answer a lot of questions. If Jardine were able to beat Liddell for a second time, that would pretty much conclude Liddell's career as a top LHW. If Liddell were able to win, then that would avenge a previous loss and grant him an extension of sorts to stay relevant in terms of being a champion again.