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Anderson Silva Confirms Retirement Will Be In 2009

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Marcelo Alonso has the news and you can watch the video here:


He pretty much confirms the rumor that begin last month about retirement once his contract is finished next year. He says "my time has already passed, and it's time to help the new generation of fighters." Silva will be 34 years of age next year, and will have had over 30 fights by the time he finishes his contract. He also hints at possible moving back up to fight in the LHW division. That's where ALL the big money fights are for him at this point, and if Dana White finds out that Silva is for real about retirement I'm sure he'll want to cash in on him. Fights against Rampage, Forrest Griffin, and Chuck Liddell would all do huge numbers PPV wise. It's kind of weird for a fighter to be so on top of his game to say that he believes his time has already passed. However, Silva is probably one of the most humble fighters in MMA and shows the class he possesses. Who would you like to see him fight before he retires?