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Injury Forces Diego Sanchez Off UFC 90 Card

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MMAWeekly with the scoop:

Diego Sanchez is out of his scheduled UFC 90 bout with Thiago Alves due to torn rib cartilage. Stepping in to take his place is American Kickboxing Academy's Josh Koscheck.

"There is nothing worse than having a great fight and then having one of the fighters drop out at the last second," said UFC President Dana White. "But the one thing the UFC has proven time and time again is our ability to replace fights with ones as good as or better than the original fight."

"Josh Koscheck is a great fighter and I think he’s an even better matchup for me," said Alves. "I’m looking forward to fighting him, and I’m gonna knock him out."
I was really disappointed when I first heard the news, but how can you complain when Sanchez is replaced by Josh Koscheck? This still has 'explosive fight' written all over it and major props to Koscheck for stepping up to the plate on very short notice. His stand up has improved a great deal since his early fights so maybe we'll get to see how it stacks up against a beast like Alves.

Also major props to the UFC for finding a suitable replacement for the co-main event of the evening.