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Keith Jardine Speaks

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Keith Jardine recently did a interview with CagePotato. In the interview Jardine speaks on money, losing, and Brandon Vera:

Not really. Dana takes care of us, and I’m not too worried as long as I get the chance to accomplish my dream, and that’s fighting the best guys out there and doing it for a living. The money’s going to be there if I just win fights. It’s all in my hands, really, and that’s all you can ask for. I may not be the most marketable guy like some of these other fighters, but if I keep winning fights it won’t matter. It’s up to me.

That's absolutely true and that goes for any fighter in the UFC. If a fighter wins and wins impressively, they will be taken care of in terms of money. I'm sure Jardine has learned not to speak negatively in terms of what he gets paid, unlike Roger Huerta. In case you missed it, Huerta's fight against Florian wasn't shown on the replay of UFC 87 shown on Spike this past weekend.

On what beating Vera does for his career:

I think the winner is an automatic contender for the title. The winner gets thrown in that mix. The loser has to go back and try and work his way back up. I know what that’s like, and I don’t want to be there again.

He's probably at least 3 wins away from a title shot at this point. A win does kind of give him a mulligan for his destruction at the hands of Wanderlei Silva at UFC 84. This is a difficult fight to predict which is a sign of solid match making on Joe Silva's part. As I mentioned earlier, I'll be posting my analysis and predictions for this card later in the week.