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Luis Cane: "I Know I Can Knock Him Out"

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I just need to keep my work and relax, the worst part I’ve already done. I did the same as always, kept my focus at Muay Thai, BJJ and physical preparation"

"It’ll be pure exchanging. It’ll be a tough fight, I’m not expecting an easy fight. I’ll going for a war but I’m pretty confidence, I know I can get there and knock him out, or submit him if the fight goes to the ground too"
That was Cane speaking on his upcoming bout against former PRIDE standout Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou. Most people are either excited for the Bisping vs. Leben or Vera vs. Jardine showdown. However, Cane vs. Sokoudjou could steal the show in my opinion. Most people don't know about Cane, but he is a beast and could definitely take Sokoudjou out next weekend at UFC 89.

Props: Tatame