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Alcohol On TUF=Ratings

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The Ultimate Fighter 8 Logo

The ratings are in for episode four:

The Ultimate Fighter Season 8 Episdoe 4 earned a 1.42 household rating — a 1.74 in Men 18-49, a 1.19 in People 18-49, a 1.94 in Men 18-34, and an average audience of 1.9 million viewers.


Among Basic Cable Networks that aired between 10p-11p, TUF ranked #2 (behind CMDY South Park, Sarah Silverman).

This was a strong rebound from the .80 rating with 1.1 million viewers of last week, which was a record low of the series
Wow I guess alcohol on TUF really does equal ratings huh? The show goes from its all time low to #2 on basic cable networks in the same time slot, all because two guys decided to get drunk and act like 7 year olds. I can't lie, the fight on last nights show was pretty good. I can't even remember what the previews were about, but now I definitely want to see what the ratings will be for next week.