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Houston Alexander: "I'm Not Going Anywhere"

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"NO - I have not lost my UFC contract. NO - I have not fired my coaching staff. NO - I am not going to step down and fight for smaller organizations. The loss last month was tough, but life goes on. People need to remember that I have only been fighting professionally for a year and a half. I have made great strides during that time, as well as faced some setbacks. My training will continue and we are looking at visiting some of the larger camps for additional training and strategy for my next fight. I have a lot to learn and am hoping to have everything straightened out before I enter the cage next time. So no worries, I am not going anywhere!"

Son, I don't know who is more fortunate between Alessio Sakara and Alexander. Both fighters have been given multiple opportunities in the UFC, only to suffer setback after setback. However, at least Alexander has beaten Sakara I guess. This is interesting because I distinctly remember reading that Dana White said he would need to win his fight against Shaefer to stay in the UFC. Maybe they feel that he is exciting enough and has enough of a name that they can't let any organization that's competing with them to scoop him up? At least he admits that he basically needs to find a new training camp though, good luck Houston. Do you think he deserves another shot in the UFC?

Props: MMANews via Fight Magazine