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Ortiz Has Successful Back Surgery

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As told to MMAWeekly by Ortiz:

On Oct. 6, 2008, my extensive back surgery was performed in Las Vegas by Dr. Smith. It lasted three hours due to the doctor’s careful hand and my densely muscled core that had to be separated in order to get to my spine. My doctor was impressed with my quick recovery, and an hour after surgery I was on my feet and walking to the car.

That's good news to hear right there. I don't really care for Ortiz as a fighter, however, I don't wish any physical impairments on anyone. I had a couple of back injuries during my baseball career and a back injury is absolutely NO JOKE. Now, will Ortiz come back better than ever? I have my doubts, as I believe once you have the injuries he had your back will never be the same. Here's to wishing Ortiz a speedy recovery. Also, feel free to read the entire article as Ortiz continues to bash the UFC as usual. He states that they would not cover the back surgery cost, so he had to take it upon himself to get it done. He claims that his injuries are a culmination of the wear and tear he's taken while fighting in the octagon. What he doesn't mention is that he was in a car accident right around the time he started having those back problems if I'm not mistaken. you think Ortiz will come back better than ever, or will he continue to be the fighter in which the game passed by in 2006?